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Aluminium Road Stud, Model AL 107

Aluminium Road Stud, Model AL 107
Product Code :- AL 107
    Alcolite Aluminium Road Stud

    • Model Number : AL 107
    • Dimension :100x100x20mm
    • Direction : Two way Reflective 
    • Reflector : 43 Glass Beads Each Side (Good Reflective Effect )
    • Length Anchoring Shank : 50mm
    • Length of shank at the top of stud : 70mm
    • Body Material : Aluminum Alloy 
    • Color Available : Yellow,White,Red
    • Available in Swarflex & Indian Glass Beads 
    • Weight: 130 gms
    • Molded Shank & Nail Model Available          
    • Stable and permanent installation by means of anchor bolts and two-component adhesive
    • High pressure load capacity
    • Self-cleaning of special-purpose glass elements by overrunning tires
    • Finger-grip on request
    • Glass panels tilted at 19° for better reflection effect
    • High pressure resistance
    • Good ability of Anti-Press & Good ability of reflection .
    • Reflector creates an effect of diamond, it is so attractive under the lights that the driver can feel the reflection at 150-200m far away .
    • Useful for visibility at driving in the night. 
    • Witstand the impact from the vehicle tires.
    • Anti-corruption.
    • Water-Resistant.
    • Oil -Resistant.
    • Chemical material resistant.
    • Good heat-resistance.

    Because of the highly robust aluminum body, ALCOLITE ALUMINIUM ROAD STUDS are especially well suited for road areas with frequent overrunning by heavy traffic. In case of poor asphalt quality and/or very high environment temperatures, the use of metal road studs with a larger footprint is recommended. The extremely resistant special-purpose glass elements are available either non tilted or as 19° tilted, to achieve even higher lighting values over large distances. Through rain and overrunning car tires, the surface of the glass elements is cleaned automatically. 

    • Roads
    • Tunnels
    • Parking Lots
    • Parking Garages
    • Inside and Outside Industrial Sites
    • Streets with High Traffic Flow