Batton Lights

Meeting specific requirements of clients, we are a well known manufacturer and supplier of Traffic Light Bars (Batton Lights). There bars are useful in many applications like climbing, salvage, policy, camping, etc. The offered Light Batten is generally used for advising traffic about the diversion or signal them to go, stop or slowing down. It is installed with flash lights which can be used to alert the oncoming vehicles about any danger ahead the road. Also, high visibility of our Traffic Light Bars make them highly useful in making a vehicle visible in low-light situation or fog. Our batten can be easily installed on the body of automobile and remain fixed during driving.

Body of our Batten Light is made from durable & strong material to resist the impact of shock on road. Their are easy to push buttons provided on our batten to quickly change the signal and conveniently guide the oncoming traffic. Moreover, Our Traffic Light Bars have a handy & lightweight structure to allow easy handling.

  • High Visibility Range
  • Various Flashing Modes
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Long Bulb Life