Plastic Road Studs

Approximately, 24% of vehicle accidents occur during adverse weather (rain, sleet, snow and fog). Use of low quality or absence of Plastic Glow Road Studs is another factor that contributes to these accidents. We - Ashu Enterprises are manufacturing and supplying Plastic Road Studs that are assured of finest quality. These studs have a plastic frame embedded during construction of road to highlight the road edges and center-lines to driver. These operate by reflecting back the vehicle light in low visibility conditions. These reflectors employ prismatic reflectors imbedded in the sheeting to reflect the vehicle light falling on its surface specifically towards the car and its driver. Our specialty product is Plastic Solar Road Studs, which is defined as the solar cell powered LED maintenance-free lighting devices. Owing to this product, we have been recognized as the Solar Road Studs Manufacturer in the industry. All our products provide better day & night visibility as compared to the traditional retro reflectors. This also reduces the driver's dependence on the headlight beams.