Retro Reflective Sheeting

Retro reflective sheeting, as the name implies, is a sheet made from retro reflective material. This kind of film material is used for making stickers, which can be found on road surfaces, traffic signs, barricades, and vehicles. The purpose of using retro reflection on road is to ensure public safety. The retro reflective material reflects the light back to the source with minimum scattering. Ashu Enterprises, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company brings to the market retro-reflective sheeting, made using synthetic resin that is capable of resisting the damaging effect of weather changes as well as reflects light, particularly at night. These are attached on sign surfaces with different adhesive backings, like heat activated, pressure-sensitive, etc. Specifically on highway signs, there are few types of retro reflective sheets used and some of these classified by ASTM D4956-01 on the basis of color, properties and durability are listed below. Please consider the fact that this list is likely to change in future due to the rapidly changing retro reflective sheeting market.