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Road Median Marker

Road Median Marker
Product Code :- AL 1009 A

Alcolite Median Marker

AL 1009B

Embedded reflective materials surface is inclined at around 20 degree (to vertical) to harness maximum reflectivity.Checked ribs at the market bottom improves charge to the substrate when applied with epoxy.It's offer 40 percent greater visibility during the day and 50 percent during the night


  •     Made of Tough Thermoplastic body
  •     UV resistant
  •     It can with stand changes & very high impact.
  •     Available in Type IV or Type IX sheeting.

Benefits :

Tough Body:

The body of median marker is made up of tough, high impact resistant, injection molded thermoplastic which can withstand all natural impacts and has very good outdoor weathering characteristics.

Fluorescent Yellow Retro-reflective Sheeting :

The reflective surface, which is fluorescent yellow retro-reflective sheeting with full cube corner optics technology, is on one or either side of the Median Marker based on the application requirements. The reflective sheeting is made of full cube corner optics technology to provide a highest quality reflective surface, made of optically stable non-metallized Polycarbonate cubes. The fluorescent yellow sheeting color is used in order to maximize day, dawn, dusk & night time legibility.

Superior Design :

Inaccessible edges The reflective sheeting is applied on the Median Marker surface in such a way that the sheeting edges are properly sealed and completely inaccessible and hence cannot be edge lifted, vandalized or damaged.

Superior Cleanability :

The reflective surface has excellent cleanability and hence is less prone to get darkened or dusted.

Robust Installation :

The installation of the median marker is done by a combination of both epoxy and grouting.

All these above features make it a world-class product, when installed on medians in Cities and Highways will significantly enhance the median visibility during nights. This will in-turn help reduce accidents and enhances motorist and vehicle safety.